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Connecting the Dots: Improving Accountability in the Adult Literacy Field in Canada

Updated September 5, 2012

Connecting the Dots: Improving Accountability in the Adult Literacy Field in Canada was a project that provided an opportunity for funders and practitioners to examine the impact of accountability on the adult literacy field across the country and explore new ways of approaching it.

Lifelong Learning Collections (2007-2008)

Updated June 4, 2012

Through this program, The Centre for Literacy is providing access to a new range of high quality, easy-to-read materials for adults with literacy difficulties seeking materials suited to both their reading level and their reading needs.

Library Resource Trunks 2008-

Updated June 4, 2012

The Centre assembled trunks of books selected in consultation with the user groups, which are being loaned for six-month periods to CLC libraries in Netagamiou, Mecatina, Gaspé-Percé and St. Paul’s. At the end of each loan period the trunks are located to one of the other sites, thus providing ‘fresh’ materials at regular intervals.

Free Assistive Technology for People with Learning Disabilities (2009)

Updated June 4, 2012

Through consultation with expert providers, we identified a selection of simple assistive technology programs that are available free of charge. We have provided workshops about these tools face-to-face and through videoconferencing, facilitated by LEARN Quebec.

Museums, Arts, and Literacy (2004-2005)

Updated June 4, 2014

The goal of this project was to share knowledge about attracting adults into literacy-learning through museums, heritage organizations and community arts initiatives. The activities undertaken aimed to exploit recently-created infrastructure and video-conferencing capacity in Quebec’s English-language community to engage new partners

HIPPY Montréal

Updated May 24, 2012

The Centre was involved in the creation of the Montreal HIPPY program in 2005 as well as managing it from 2009 to 2010. Parents are their children's first – and best – teachers, and the ideal time for kids to start learning is in their earliest years. HIPPY is a home-based, preschool education program that builds on the bond between parents and children.

Grassroots: Community Writing and Arts (2002-2006)

Updated June 4, 2012

A collaboration with the Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival

Native Literacy Pre-School Education Project

Updated September 6, 2012

This project ran from 1999 to 2001. The Centre worked with six Aboriginal communities (three in Quebec, three in Atlantic Canada) to develop mini-collections of resources to aid pre-school education.

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