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Our newsletter for September 2013, including the latest news on Fall Institute 2013 and the Board of Directors.

News of new publications, sharing findings from the Measures of Success research project, and recordings of recent webinars.

News on recent acquisitions by the library, the French Research Framework for the Measures of Success project, our links to resources on Understanding International Findings on Literacy & Skills, presentations and photos from Fall Institute 2012, our November 2012 research scan, a call for donations to The Centre and our Family Literacy Day event of January 2013.
News about Summer and Fall Institutes 2012, our latest research scan, a paper on the context of workplace learning by Juliet Merrifield, our search for a board member from the Atlantic region and our Friends campaign.

Includes:  Fall Institute 2012: Social finance and Innovation for Adult Basic Learning: Opportunities and Challenges; Seeking a New Board Member from Atlantic Region; The Centre's new Board for 2012 – 2013; September Research Scan;  Friends Campaign 2012

Includes: Summer Institute 2012, Fall Institute 2012, Friends of The Centre fundraising campaign
Includes: Summer Institute 2012, Fall Institute 2012, June research scan
Includes: 2012 Summer Institute Highlights, Initiatives et ressources de la littératie en santé en langue francais, the latest on Calgary Charter, our latest research scan, and a list of new library resources.
Includes news on: Jay Derrick webinar, Summer Institute 2012, the FRIENDS campaign, and a June course on place-based learning communities.
More details on Summer Institute 2012. The Centre announces Fall Institute 2012 as well as a May 8 webinar: Jay Derrick on Embedding literacy and essential skills in Workplace Training. Quebec’s Anglophone Adults report is updated.
The Centre announces a new series of webinars and releases a report on LES needs of Quebec’s Anglophone Adults. Registration opens for Summer Institute 2012. The Centre posts January Research Scan online, and collaborates on Family Literacy Day event January 25, 2012.

News about the Summer and Fall (IALS) Institutes, Writers in the Community, Family Literacy Day, and Raise-a-Reader.

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The first E-News From The Centre, featuring stories on Summer and Fall Fall Institutes 2011, International Literacy Day, research scans, and research projects.

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The latest news on what we've been up to here at The Centre.
Summer Institute 2011 will continue to explore workplace literacy and essential skills. Topics will include embedding literacy and essential skills in workplace education programs and qualifications and professionalism for workplace providers.
Summer Institute 2010 was the largest participatory learning event in The Centre’s history with over 100 individuals from across Canada, the U.S, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.
The Centre`s expanding role, Summer Institute 2010, Workplace Literacy project, Outcomes from: HIPPY Montreal, Writers in the Community, Lire/Imagine Read and Health Literacy.
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